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PVCu Cladding & Guttering

Quality-1st Roofing Services Ltd has vast experience in installing PVCu Cladding and Guttering in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas and all our work is undertaken by our own highly skilled staff.

We offer a comprehensive PVCu Cladding and Guttering service and use only the very best proven materials. We also undertake repairs, cleaning and refurbishment to existing installations.

Our long experience in general roofing ensures that your installation is correctly integrated with the structure of your property and the surrounding areas and all our work is undertaken by our highly skilled staff.

New guttering and cladding installations

We install gutter-only or full guttering and cladding systems, and external wall cladding. In most cases the cost will be no more than it would be to decorate the same area - and once it is cladded there is no more decorating to be paid for every few years! We will either overclad the existing timber fascias and soffits if they are in suitable condition, or carry out a full replacement of the fascias and soffits if they are not. If the timber is sound we can overclad it and save you money whilst still providing a permanently maintenance-free and attractive installation. Any small areas of rot are cut out and new timber installed prior to overcladding, and we always treat all the surrounding timber with high quality timber preservative.

If our thorough inspection reveals that the timber is generally unsound then we will advise you accordingly and quote for a full replacement. A full replacement usually involves serious disturbance of the roof and it is here that our roofing experience is invaluable in ensuring the roof work is carried out correctly. All too often we are called-in to make-good damage to a roof that has been caused by cladding installations carried out by companies with no roofing expertise at all.

Our preferred cladding and guttering materials are in our experience the best available today, and unlike many of the inferior products available, neither warp or discolour and are manufactured to the appropriate British Standards. All our installations are carried-out in accordance with current Building Regulations for ventilation and general application.

Existing Cladding and Gutter Refurbishment

PVCu cladding and guttering has been around for many years, and despite its’ low-maintenance requirements will eventually need a ‘spruce-up’. The gutters too will require cleaning from time to time. We provide a very cost-effective refurbishment service which includes thoroughly cleaning all the cladding, guttering and downpipes and ensuring full through flow, checking that all seals and unions are in good condition and replacing any that are found to be faulty. We use specialist PVCu cleaning products which restore that ‘just fitted’ look to your installation

Gutter and Cladding Repairs

We offer a full repair service for all  gutter and cladding systems and keep a comprehensive stock of spares from all the major manufacturers. Our fast-track ordering arrangements mean that any parts we do not have in stock will be delivered without delay, enabling us to make sure your repair is undertaken as quickly as possible.

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If you would like help and advice about Cladding and Guttering we are only too happy to talk to you. All our advice is free and we don't charge for quotes.

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